Jenine Kerr


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Yoga has been a part of my life for over 10 years – It wasn’t until meeting my teacher in Berlin that inspired me to share my passion of yoga with others. This is when i truly found the benefits of yoga and could see the effect it had on me as a person. Yoga help me be patient, compassionate and calm it makes me feel happy and free and open to what ever life throws my way. I can only hope to share this others around me.

I completed my RYT - 200hour Vinyasa Yoga training at the ‘Vinyasa Yoga School’ in Rishikesh 2015. Soon after returning to Berlin i started teaching the next week at a private studio and have'nt looked back since.

In 2016 i went on my second journey to India this time to Mysore - i completed E-RYT - 500 hours at Yoga Indea with Bharath Shetty

In my classes you will experience a high energy good flow and rhythm and physical challenge within the practice, with a good balance of relaxation. I like to use creative flows and focus on the breath to regulate the heat in our bodies, improve concentration,release tension ,diminishes distractions and allowing us to remain self aware and grounded in the practice. I seek to help others to calm there minds, leave there problems at the door and focus on the self nurturing the body mind and soul. My goal is that you step off your mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.


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