Jenna Davi

San Francisco, CA
United States

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Yoga Teacher and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

I started off my journey through life as a performing artist. I love my career but the judgement and negativity that comes along with the business can be heartbreaking. When my heart became too heavy, I always found myself in a Yoga class. It became clear how important my practice was for me.

I became Yoga Certified to deepen my knowledge but the training did more than that. It made me realize how passionate I am about teaching and helping others discover peace and acceptance within themselves.

I am also an avid surfer and there are endless Asanas which are extremely beneficial to surfing. The combination of the two can help rid the body of built up stress, calm an overactive mind and allow one to be in the moment without any attachments. I am also very passionate about teaching 'non-flexible' bodies. Despite being a performing artist and Yogi, my muscles are tight due to other athletic activities. I understand the mental and physical restrictions of a non-flexible Yogi and highly enjoy introducing new ways to deepen their practice while still protecting their mind and body.

Whether I’m guiding a group or private session to surfers, actors, athletes or my community, I look forward to sharing my passion and in turn will continue to grow into my practice and teaching.


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