Jenna Kitchingham

Surrey, London
United Kingdom

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Hello! I run a small studio in Surrey and teach Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Rhythm, pregnancy, Post natal with baby, and childrens yoga :) I also offer Reiki treatments.

In my classes I aim to INSPIRE, build CONFIDENCE in my students, and be a POSITIVE and NURTURING teacher at all times.

I honestly LOVE to make yoga accessible for everyone, no matter your age or body type, which is why I offer such a range of classes. I believe that the joy of starting, persevering and practicing yoga should be shared with all. I want to to create a feeling of just waking up and ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at you by the end of the class.

I also have a very keen interest in the chakras, healing, and the body-mind relationship! I love learning how the world works from an energetic view point and really believe that with the right process and mode of healing ANY health problems can be healed. I love doing Reiki work and also like to bring certain energetic themes into my classes from time to time. I believe and KNOW from personal experience that yoga is healing for the body, mind and soul.

If I haven’t already, I cant WAIT to meet you soon!

Jenna xxx


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