Jennifer Brandt

Stillwater, MN
United States

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As a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, my focus is on individual clients' specific needs. Rather than teaching group 'exercise' yoga classes, therapeutic yoga teachers adapt yoga tools to fit specific body abilities/injuries/pain as well as an individual's mental and emotional needs. I specialize in somatic movements to release chronically held muscle tension and increase range of motion and flexibility. Restorative yoga poses and Yin yoga poses are blended with somatic movements to create 'Soma Yoga'. This blend offers the practitioner a class that will address pain/tension in the body, as well as relieving stress and anxiety from the mind. All of my classes are right for EVERY body, from those recovering from injury/surgery to the athlete who wants to increase their performance. I recently completed my 500 hour yoga certification and Level 1 Yoga Therapy certification from IAYT. I will soon begin my 1000 hour Yoga Therapy training and expect to be a certified Yoga Therapist in a few years.


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