Jennifer Brewer

Hilton Head Island, SC
United States
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6 Reviews

Jennifer Brewer has been practicing different styles of yoga since 2001. Discovering the changes yoga brought were more than just physical, she began an immersion study in 2011 and received her RYT-200 through Asheville Community Yoga Center and a 500-hour certification in Yoga Therapeutics through Subtle Yoga Charlotte. Her practice has a strong focus on breath awareness, repetitive dynamic movements,, and taking mindfulness off the mat.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Accepting of the Big Girl

I was a little hesitant to join Jennifer's class due to my size 16, but she instantly made me feel respected, important, and loved. I felt energized, confident and calm throughout the classes and it flowed into my life afterwards as well!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Jennifer was a blessing.

Jennifer is a fantastic instructor. I looked forward to each session and always felt focused and refreshed after our class. Her music selection was a perfect fit for my style and it coordinated well with what we were working on. I still use many of the yoga poses she taught me. I use the imagery for mental clarity and a peaceful mind all day-every day. She was a great instructor and a true blessing. I appreciate her so much!

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Supportive, encouraging and challenging too.

Jenn Brewer's approach to yoga is all about helping you do 'your best yoga'. She meets her students where they are - both physically and spiritually. She has studied yoga as a therapeutic modality and lets that guide her work. The focus is on helping you reach your next level - whether you are recovering from an injury, healing from inner pain, or just wanting to take your physical practice a bit deeper. She appeals to all audiences and all skill levels.

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the best for me

Jennifer was excellent at customized yoga to meet my specialized needs. After my second child was born, both 4-degree, Jennifer helped me to trust my body and help heal the physical and mental scars. She encouraged exploration in my daily personal practice as well as weekly practice together. She helped me understand my post baby body, and helped me realize I was guarding myself due to the trauma of childbirth. She is an awesome person and excellent teacher. I am saddened that we no longer reside in the same city.

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A review of yoga instructor Jennifer Brewer

I was fortunate to attend yoga sessions with Jennifer over a 14 month period of time. She relocated to North Carolina, and I was very sorry to lose her as my yoga instructor. All sessions were well planned and executed, right down to the music selected! Every pose was explained and demonstrated step by careful step. I always felt secure and had no fear of injury. I always left class feeling uplifted, body and soul! I truly miss her sweet spirit and kind and gentle manner, as well as her gift of teaching yoga.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
An Inspiring Yoga Teacher!

Jennifer Brewer is a gentle and student-focused instructor. She has such a peaceful spirit and calming demeanor. Jennifer stresses safety and listening to ones body as she soothes you through poses. Jennifer is highly knowledgeable about yoga practice and very accepting of all levels of ability. She is a delightful and all around wonderful yoga instructor!