Jennifer Castellanos

Miami, FL
United States

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I begin my Yoga journey at the age of 15 years old. My curiosity of Yoga came from the desperation of lower back pain and anxieties that i use to suffer from. I had decided to give Yoga a chance not really knowing much of the history or the health benefits and at that time Yoga seemed like a fancy form of stretching.

After one full month of practicing i immediately gained relief. I felt better, my lower back was no longer a nuance to me and my anxieties were under control. I had gained a new outlook on life all thanks to Yoga.

As the years went by, the responsibilities of a modern society got in the way of my practice. Work, school and finding time for my partner. In 2011 i graduated with my nursing degree and i began working full-time at a hospital. At this time i was constantly under stress and over worked. I realized that i needed to find my way back to Yoga. I had always envisioned teaching Yoga and sharing this wonderful gift with others but my anxieties seemed to get in the way. The very idea of standing in front of a small crowd was enough to deviate me from my path. It wasn't until December. 2014 that i had an epiphany and realized i can no longer allow my anxieties to control my life. The very next day i made a call to my local Yoga Studio and enrolled in their Teacher Training Program. I started my path on becoming a Yoga Teacher in hopes to better myself, to truly heal myself. As my journery progressed i learned that no one is truly healed. Your healing happens as you help others.

This is why i will continue my Yogic path, to serve others in hopes of spreading love and light.


Jen Castellanos RYT-200


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