Jennifer Cloutier

Montreal, QC

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Jennifer has always felt the need to explore, observe and create. As an artist, yoga instructor, and avid traveler, she unites these three passions through the theme of Observation, the guiding principle behind Le Flaneur Retreats. Born in a Maidstone Ontario, she attended the University of Windsor, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on painting and Art History. While traveling Australia she later discovered, a passion for photography and has since, traveled extensively throughout Mexico, , Europe, Prague, Guatemala, El Salvador, Japan, South East Asia, Nepal and Cuba, fueling her creative spirit with art and adventures

Jennifer has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She was drawn to it for reasons of finding focus and balance in her life. As an Artist, she found that yoga both calmed her mind and refuelled her creativity and energy. Since becoming trained as a yoga teacher at the Yandara Institute in Baja California in 2009, she has taught extensively in studios, gyms, abroad, and privately, and holds regular classes at the Casa Bianca B&B where she also works as a hostess. She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, where she hosts events & workshops to promote yoga and celebrate art through PROJECT VIVANT.
a creative collective housed in her beautiful loft.


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