Jennifer Davis

Minneapolis, MN
United States

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I love to help adults & children "discover" yoga and what it can do for them physically and emotionally. As a mom to three active boys, yoga helps me to apply the principles of patience and gratitude to my daily life.
I love the mindfulness and body awareness yoga teaches to children and adults alike!

I am forever a student and love learning new ways to feel poses in the body, or new fun flows that stretch different muscles. I like to employ new pranayama practices in classes, feeling the breath in different ways and allowing it to guide our bodies and minds.

In my classes I like to laugh, show love and kindness. Yoga is a practice and every body is different. My classes are easy going and carefree, while still employing alignment principles and teaching correct fundamentals.
I love to teach yoga and I think that comes through in my classes! Let's practice together!


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