Jennifer Degen

Waitsfield, VT
United States
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Have you been considering starting a new yoga practice? Are you an athlete looking to complement your running, skiing, or biking routine?Have you been meaning to start an exercise program, and you know yoga is good for you?

I am committed to developing and making my skills as a psychologist and yoga teacher integrated and useful to all the people that I am connected to. If you are open, I am always compelled to share.

Trained by Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy School as a 200 hour teacher through Yoga Alliance. Currently training on my 500 hour with Alaya School Ashleigh Sargent and Meg McCracken. I have practiced Mind Body Psychotherapy for 20 plus years. As a retreat planner, I have been planning destination retreats for over 9 years now. My current passion is facilitating embodied mindfulness yoga experiences. If you are interested in alignment and the subtle body and developing your core, you have come to the right place.

I facilitate yoga and mind body awareness to teens and adults. I welcome private classes and groups.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Thanks Jen.

Jen did a great job working in my classroom this year with students in need of intensive behavioral support. Jen worked with the kids with careful consideration of their skill level and the learning and behavioral struggles and met the students where they were at each session. Thanks for all of your help this year Jen.

Jennifer DegenAugust 15, 2016
Behavioral Classroom Teaching

Thanks Mike,
I will miss the twice week practice with these amazing kids. I loved that they would do yoga at 9,10,11 and how their practice grew!

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Great addition to program

Jennifer does Yoga in my K-2 classroom twice weekly. My classroom is for emotionally and behaviorally challenged children. Most of the children have suffered trauma. It is a challenging class to say the least. Jennifer exhibits a calm, and friendly demeanor. She is constantly adjusting her language while demonstrating and instructing my class in poses or imagery. She uses language that children relate to (super heroes, gaming characters) to keep them engaged, especially when she is introducing something new. Her presence has been an asset to my classroom.

Jennifer DegenMarch 12, 2016
Classroom Yoga K-2 Behavioral Program

Thank you Cheryl!

I love being in your class. Kids are wiggly, active, and challenging.
They test my ability to stay present, focused and loving for all that they bring!
Thanks for letting me join your classroom!!


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Slow Yoga

Jen was very welcoming and reassuring from the start. She led us through gentle movements and poses while she consistently offered us verbal cues and questions to encourage us to focus and accept our whole experience in that present moment. I especially liked that she made room for tension and relaxation, clarity and mystery, striving and being, and said that there was room for all of it.

Jennifer DegenOctober 27, 2015
Slow Yoga Class

Namaste Cary,
I am glad that the slow flow class landed with you in a way that served
your yoga experience. The questions seemed to highlight your experience and
you showed up for all of it! Thanks for sharing with the yoga community!
Peace to you today and all days,

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Inspiring Connections

In 2011, I went on a yoga retreat to Mexico led by Jennifer Degen. Going on this retreat was a way to reconnect with my sanity and health. Since this first connection, I have kept a weekly yoga practice. I have since travelled twice to Mexico and this year we went to Costa Rica. Jennifer Degen has inspired me and created an authentic retreat experience which has allowed me to reconnect with my innate wisdom, strength and self. I am looking forward to another retreat to Guatemala led by Jennifer Degen in January 2016. I could go on about the many experiences and friendships that developed during our yoga retreats, new capabilities, a new personal mantra, new perspectives and new approaches to everything.

Jennifer DegenOctober 26, 2015
Inspiring Connections

Peace to you dear friend journeying through the yoga experiences
and witnessing your path is a great honor and joy in my life.

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Jen's class provides peace and calm on and off the mat

Jen is an empowered educator. Jen provides a safe, nurturing, class environment. The theme based classes provide students an opportunity to embody mindfulness, peace and calming
techniques in class that will be incorporated into their daily lives. Experiencing Jen's classes can be truly life changing.

Jennifer DegenOctober 26, 2015
Peace and Calm on and off the mat

Peace and Calm to you my fellow teacher! Embodying mindfulness practices together is a great pleasure and together we can be of service to ourselves and others. It is a great support to my journey as a teacher to know that the class is in service to you and others on and off the mat.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I enjoyed your class! Liked the longer shivasana:-)

Jennifer DegenOctober 15, 2015

Peace Robin,
You found rest. So glad the class was in service to your body.