Jennifer Evelyn Steed

Edmonton, AB
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From Nelson , BC in Canada.
In the healing arts for over 35 years ranging from massage therapy to nutritional counselling , yoga to ecstatic dance and meditation. With over 20,000 students globally, leader for over 60 retreats, you will be in good hands. Experienced in bodymind and spiritual development alongside business and personal development , Jennifer is authentic , knowledgable, great fun and a great leader.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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I have been enjoying Jennifers yoga classes twice a week for at least 3 years and was lucky enough to go on a retreat in Mexico with her last year. She is an excellent teacher sharing much of her knowledge of yoga's ability to restore health.

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I still practice at home!!

Met you at the warrior-camp in May: it's October now and I am still doing your programm, sometimes with the CD and sometimes with my written notes ... At home, in Italy and on Corse! Thanks a lot!

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Yoga a tool for life enhancement and joy

The depth of Jennifer's experience and her ability to apply all she knows to each person's life journey is remarkable. Metaphorically, her approach brings all she practices with students to be applicable and useful and positive in reaching goals and finding joy. Never had such an experience before...

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She is my dream yoga teacher

Is such a shame that I met Jennifer in Spain and she lives so far away, her training blew my mind away. We did yoga at 6am for 5 days and not even once a thought of missing out ever crossed my mind. After her classes I felt as if I were speaking to and through my body, an amazing feeling I had never experienced before. I bought one of her CDs and use it quite regularly. Jennifer was such an inspiration to me to get in touch with my body, my soul, Earth, Nature and the Universe at large. Thank you so much for crossing my path. With love, Diana Blanco (Spain)

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wrapped in her wonderful presence

Jennifer has challenged and taught me many things along my journey, and I am very grateful to have studied under her, including my own yoga teacher training. She is a very skilled and wonderfully caring of those special people that impact your life in ways few others can. I am richly blessed by her presence.

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Wholesome yoga

Very effective yoga. Applies to all. Even my partner who dislikes many types of exercises fell head over heels in love with it. After only one session we could feel the positive effects. Easily the best yoga session I ve ever tried anywhere!

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Jenn Steed Yoga

Jennifer makes yoga fun for everyone! Whether you're an advanced student or a new beginner, Jenn will make you feel at ease. She shows you how to do the poses in ways that work for all fitness levels and she never makes anyone feel embarrassed that they're not as advanced as others in the class. Her explanations on how to do the poses are so articulate that you won't have to be looking at her all the time to know what to do and how to pose your body. If you're thinking of giving yoga a go, give Jennifer a call, you won't regret it!

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Jen was of the first group of teachers I began yoga classes with in early 2000 who introduced a lifestyle and state of being I aspired to know more about.
I eventually formally studied with Jen in her teacher training program in 2005, which her teachings remain relevant in how I conduct my life as a student and facilitator.

I appreciate Jen's method of teaching because I feel her honesty and sensitivity to the practice, while gracefully communicating yoga.