Jennifer Goebel

latrobe, PA
United States

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I was always active growing up and I was inspired by two active parents both passionate and about sports and running. I was soo impressed by mother's motivation and determination in running competitions and marathons. I decided to do a few with her. Over the years I started to get some injuries and stretching and therapeutic, exercises really made a started teaching fitness and yoga classes at 16. I had a desire to continue to learn and educate the community on Fitness and Yoga exercises and proper exercise technique. I found a lot of classes that I was taking that there wasn't proper cuing or technique and I was lost. I felt that a lot of people probably felt the same way. So, I was determined to teach and educate students properly and make them feel as comfortable as possible while taking a yoga or fitness class. I am always constantly learning something new and I like to share all my knowledge and experiences with my classes and community.


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