Jennifer Kavanagh

Severn Bridge, ON

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Jennifer is the founder and lead instructor at Pura Vida Soul Institute.

She believes that yoga represents how we walk through life and brings an element of flow to her yoga classes. She has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and first fell in love with a practice that combined yoga poses with tai chi movements because it brought grace, movement, and confidence to her workout regime and her life. After years of working in the corporate environment, commuting, and developing stress-related illnesses, Jennifer began to dedicate more time to yoga and other holistic health practices to find more peace in her life, heal her illnesses, and rebuild her confidence. She now offers yoga, workshops, and retreats to other burned out professionals to help them find their own unique path to healing and bliss. Jennifer completed her yoga training with Sofiah Thom and Larry Thraen in Costa Rica, where she learned a vinyasa flow style of yoga as well as methods for combining contemplative movement, aromatherapy, and art with yoga postures. She is currently completing her Yoga Therapist certification with Brandt Passalacqua in Massachusetts. She is registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Canada Network.

In addition to her yoga studies, Jennifer also has a number of degrees and certifications in adult education including a Masters of Online Education, a Post-graduate certificate in Corporate Training & Development, and doctoral studies in education. She has actively researched and applied theories of instructional design and learning with contemplative practices in yoga, meditation, art, and stress-reduction. Working as a corporate trainer and employee engagement consultant in multiple Canadian corporations and government institutions, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge of educating adults and a solid understanding of the stresses of high-level positions. For this reason, Jennifer also offers a number of classes, services, and consulting to groups and small businesses.

Jennifer also regularly speaks at conferences and groups on a variety of education, stress-reduction, health, yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy topics. Some of her events have included the Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend at Deerhurst Resort, The Barrie Women’s Show, The Holistic Education Conference, OANSS, OASIS, and much more!

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