Jennifer Lakhmi Chand Kelly

Burbank, CA
United States

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Owner of The Yogi Tree, Kundalini Yoga, Pre-Natal, Baby & Me Yoga and Fun, Kids Yoga, Reiki, Post-Partum Doula and Nutritional Therapist. Jennifer is more than a decade into her journey toward health, alternative healing, and spiritual awakening, introduced to the yogi way by Goldenbridge Yoga’s world-renowned Gurmukh Khalsa. A Kundalini Yoga Instructor trained in the Khalsa Way, an in-demand post-partum doula providing compassionate, empowering service to new parents throughout the Southland, a Reiki Practitioner, a CARE-certified Raindrop and Vita Flex Technique therapist (using Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils) and a Holistic Nutritional Therapist Jennifer is a true healer, offering love, acceptance, motivation, and grace to all she encounters.


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