Jennifer Lynn

Makawao, HI
United States

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Jennifer Lynn has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 10. Her experience is that yoga is a never-ending awakening of deeper and deeper levels of personal potential in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. While attending a yoga retreat on Maui in 1997, Jennifer had a Shaktipat (spiritual awakening) that propelled her out of the corporate world and into the life of her dreams. She has been teaching yoga ever since. Her desire is that through her teaching others recognize their power and potential and realize that it is when we are living our greatest joy that we are giving our greatest gift. She has studied with John Friend, senior Anusara teachers Desiree Rumbaugh, Ulla Lundgren and Sundari Lacy. She also studied Max Strom and Shiva Rea and Duncan Wong. Her classes incorporate spinal wave-like movements and intentional transitions with the universal principles of alignment from Anusara Yoga.


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