Jennifer Merrill

Norway, ME
United States

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I found my love for yoga when I was 19 years old. A friend of mine from California introduced me. At the time, just out of high school, working a job I really didn't like, and beginning to realize the "adulthood" wasn't all the fun it was cracked up to be,I was stressed.

Yoga became a great stress relief for me to find a calm place, and a center in life. After some time my yoga teacher/friend moved back to CA, and I lost touch with yoga for some time. I periodically would come back to it now and then taking a few classes but never really immersing myself in the practice and dedicating myself to my practice.

Then I found a class in my town that I really enjoyed. The teachers were great and brought me right back to that feeling that I had when I was 19 all over again. Now though, life was much different, being a mom and wife and working fulltime, it was a different kind of stress that I found relief from. A dear friend and I had started to practice quite regularly when the studio we went to said they would be offering a 200 Yoga Teacher Training, that went for 9 months meeting 1 weekend a month for the 9 months. My friend Rose and contemplated the commitment. But decided to go for it! : )

We graduated in May, with a lovely group of 10 ladies! It was such a treat to immerse myself and meet such a wonderful group of women.

Now I still working FT and offering classes, and sharing my love for yoga!


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