Jennifer Skelton

Yellowknife, NT

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As an experienced Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, and Restorative Exercise Specialist I’m passionate about helping people optimize their health through yoga, functional movement and deep relaxation.

I’m a mother of two and live in Yellowknife with my life partner and our two boys.

The services at RePose are focused on helping you find health through yoga and science-based movement approaches that help to relieve stress, decrease pain, increase functional strength, improve flexibility, and live better in your body.

I'll help you uncover some of your personal compensation patterns and movement blind spots and learn how to change them you can move, feel and live better in your body.

and have been studying anatomy, biomechanics, yoga and movement, as well as stress and the relaxation response for more than a decade.

In my classes I combine what I’ve learned with clear and calm guidance to help you build confidence as you discover new and more optimal ways to align and move your body and learn strategies to help manage stress and find deep relaxation.

I enjoy making movement light and fun and I’ll encourage laughter while we practice scientifically sound yet, at times, seemingly silly movements with our bodies.


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