Jennifer Snowdon

Toronto, ON

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Jennifer first came to yoga by chance in 2003. The integration of a mind/body practice, through asana, breath and meditation, was a revelation to her. She began in the Kundalini style, and has also practiced Hatha and Vinyasa, and most recently Yin and Restorative Yoga. Grateful to Angela Jervis-Read, Alan Gensho Florence and Karusia Wroblewski for their mentorship, Jennifer is happy to be able to share her love of yoga.

Jennifer wants to help people learn to love themselves. We all have things we don't like about ourselves. Some of these things are that tight hip, or how balancing is difficult. When we're off of our mats, there are other things we don't like about ourselves. Through our yoga practice we can get to know and accept ourselves, and even learn to like what we find there through compassion and love. Join her for a class and see what it's all about.

Jennifer is also a Reiki Level II practitioner. Reiki is magical, opening windows to the self and offering opportunities for healing the soul. It can also be a useful and supportive therapy for people undergoing intense and invasive therapies such as chemotherapy, bringing a sense of calm in the midst of a storm.

Most recently Jennifer has begun teaching kids and teen classes as well. Being with kids is amazing—they open doors with their natural inquisitiveness, and we have opportunities to talk about philosophy, mythology, anatomy, pranayam and so much more in age-appropriate ways all while having fun together. Kids and teen classes run in pre-registered series only.


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