Jennifer Song

Burlington, ON

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Wisdom in the Body:  Yes, you have it too!!
That is what I have learnt.  The more you listen to your body, the more it tells you what it needs. The more you love your body the more it flourishes.
YOGA has been a big part of that journey for me.  I LOVE to move my body.  Yoga opens up the energy channels in my body.  I find it exhilarating.  That is my sign that I am on the right track. Yoga should feel good and that is your body telling you, that YOU are on the right track.
From age 11 I trained 6 days a week in a Professional Ballet training program having someone else tell me what to do with my body.  Ballet is incredibly beautiful and also incredibly unnatural!  At the age of 21 I was feeling so uncomfortable in my body.  I started exploring alternative therapies, changes in diet and personal growth workshops.  I discovered that I was supposed to be loving my body instead of criticising it.  This was a huge revelation for me and a big turning point.  I needed to undo damage that I had unintentionally done to my body.
Jennifer Song has been teaching Yoga in Burlington since 1992.  She first started exploring Yoga and Meditation at age 16.  She has studied with many, many wonderful teachers along the way.  Her biggest teacher remains to be her own body.
Jennifer loves to share her love of Yoga and teach others to listen to and love their bodies.


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