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You are perfect just the way you are! I follow this motto in life and Yoga!
My education in the tradition according to T. Krishnamacharya Desikachar involves the different needs and possibilities of each individual and does not pursue any rigid or determined sequence of exercises. Yoga offers the opportunity to get to know and accept oneself and finally to be satisfied with what and who you are.
I finished my 200+ Yoga Alliance certified training in 2011 with Wolfgang Miessner. Since 2016 I am a student of (student of Desikachar) we learn and study Yogaphilosophie, Yogatherapy, recitation, pranayama & meditation to deepen the teaching competency.
In 2017, I started my study as a homeopathic practitioner at the Zentrum für Naturheilkunde in Munich and I will be pleased to integrate my knowledge into my teaching.

Massage - Thai Yoga Massage and KAMI Massage

Healing Touch - is the translation of Nuad Thai, the traditional thai massage.
The healing touch takes place both on the physical as well as on the mental and spiritual level. Applying different acupressure techniques along the energy lines, similar to the meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, will release internal blockages and rebalance the energy.
Bonding of muscular and connective tissue will be dissolved and we stimulate our own body's healing power.
By combining various yoga asanas, traditional thai massage practices, ostheopathic principles and aspects of craniosacral biodynamics, each treatment can be individually tailored to the recipient.
But by realizing that every person needs a very different and specific treatment I started developing a new form of body treatment. Combining thai yoga massage techniques with a soft and sensitive oil massage accompanied by music to go even deeper into the mind and body. With my Partner Miriam we offer this very special way of connection and touch as KAMI Massage. We are being booked on various festivals to offer a wonderful experience by receiving a massage and at the same time enjoying the full power of music and positive energy. Our speciality is to give a rocking but then extremely sensitive 4 hand massage where we offer the recipient a warming cocoon and the possibility to let everything go. So I try with empathy, and loving kindness to respond to my counterpart and look forward to every single session and journey.


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