Jenniffer Airmet

Salt Lake City, UT
United States

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My name is Jenniffer Airmet I am a yoga alliance certified teacher. I completed a 500hr teacher training with Centered City Yoga. I have had a personal yoga practice since 2002. Yoga is one of my passions. I love the infusion of mind, body and spirit that yoga creates. I love the physical flexibility that comes from the asanas along with the confidence, peace, calm and healing that transfers from the yoga mat into my daily life. I have been an elementary physical education teacher for the past 12 yrs where I have enjoyed the opportunity to implement and teach the yoga experience to my students. As a Native American woman I am proud of my heritage. I love how my journey with yoga and native spiritualism complement each other through being one with myself, my Creator and all my relations on mother earth. I Am a firm believer in limitless possibilities that lie within every human being. I Am the Creator of my world. I Am devoted to bring Love & Light into each moment of this beautiful lifes journey.