Jenny Bunch

Birmingham, AL
United States

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Jenny believes there is magic in us all, individually and collectively. She is dedicated to helping her students become the best version of themselves and to listen to their teacher within.

As a mom of two beautiful children, yoga has helped Jenny find a sense of peace and balance that she is able to project back into her family and community. She believes that there is a dance between yoga and everyday life. Yoga has taught her to breathe more consciously, to love more openheartedly, and to live more purposefully.

Jenny’s love of yoga and commitment to supporting her students is apparent in her heartfelt teaching. She welcomes all levels and meets students where they are in their practice. She is an inspiring, empathic teacher known for her playful style of encouraging her students to open their hearts, quiet their minds, and renew their spirit. In her classes, students have the opportunity to heal, laugh, cry, dance, sweat, and just let go. Jenny believes that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, fitness level, health, religion, or cultural background. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you were raised; yoga is an invitation to open your heart and celebrate your own experience. She also incorporates her passion for music and essential oils into all of her classes.

Jenny was introduced to yoga while pregnant with her second child, and she now incorporates that experience in vinyasa flow style prenatal classes. Her prenatal classes are designed to prepare mothers both physically and mentally for childbirth. They will benefit from much-needed relaxation, while strengthening the muscles that support their babies during pregnancy and labor. She offers a safe and supportive environment for mamas to connect with each other and to bond with their unborn babies. Her classes are suited for both the student who is finding yoga for the first time while pregnant and also for students who have practiced prior to conception. All stages of pregnancy welcome.

Jenny has been practicing yoga for 8 years and received her 200-hour Core Strength Vinyasa training with Melissa Scott in Birmingham, Alabama . Jenny is a free spirit and loves the outdoors, traveling with her family, playing in her garden, dancing, singing, and making life as joyful as possible.


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