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With Jenny Colebourne,
Jenny has been teaching yoga for over 42 years.
Hatha Yoga lessons take place in a quiet meditative space, in Mikrochori, in a circle of pine trees, ON LINE, on Zoom. Apart from the sound of the instructor’s voice, the toning of a specific chakra, silence prevails. The focus is inside one’s own body. The eyes are closed in order to aid concentration and to avoid competition both with oneself and others or specifically focused on a point (dristi). Time is left at the end of the lesson for sharing, questions and clarification. Each asana, or posture, is held, and during this holding the student learns to relax and let go within the structure of the pose. Breathing plays an important part in this process. The results are a greater awareness of the body and a very deep stretching. Classes include deep relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation and are suitable for persons of all ages and fitness levels.

With Jenny Colebourne.
Classes are by appointment and can be taken at any stage of pregnancy. Sessions include asanas or physical postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, and sound vibration and getting in touch with the baby. Previous experience of yoga is not necessary. The practise helps the mother to maintain flexibility, strengthen the pelvic floor and the upper and lower back. She learns to breathe deeply and effectively and come in touch with her natural female strength. Problems such as nausea, constipation, backache and postnatal depression are helped. Yoga helps the women to participate in a conscious way with the birth process and to enjoy her pregnancy. It gives her a sense of empowerment and security.

For me being pregnant has been a joyous miraculous grace-filled experience. Unfortunately, out in modern world there seems to be a tendency to focus on this as an inconvenience or something at best to get over with. Through my Pilates and Yoga class we did the opposite. Through gentle tuning I got better in touch with my fruit-bearing miraculous body! In Pilates, the concentration on specific parts of your body helps to focus your energy to feel the sinews, the bones, the muscle gently exercising them and giving them energy and finally relaxing them. In the Yoga lessons, I have been guided to focus on the graceful connection between my body and universal life through breathing and relaxation. And what more important time to do this then when bearing life within oneself, the most amazing miracle of all. When doing Pilates or Yoga I am with my body and with my baby, together we are breathing in and out, moving, flowing and connecting. During both practices, I empty all the bad and the negative, smooth out all the knots and let happiness and wonder come back and fill every molecule of being.
Joanna Stavropoulou. Communications Manager.


All treatments are ON LINE on Zoom for the present but are found to be very powerful.

Complementary therapies are the ultimate present you can offer yourself. The wide range of sessions available enables you to address specific problems or simply to relax from the pressures and stress of your everyday life.

REIKI SENDINGS. 30', 60' or 90' From a circle of pine trees, ON LINE, on Zoom.
With Jenny Colebourne.
Jenny has been practising Reiki since 1987.
The word "Reiki" means the energy of the Great Spirit. A gentle but profound healing technique, Reiki can help all types of physical ailments, stress, psychological problems as well as spiritual development.

CRYSTAL REIKI 30', 60' or 90' From a circle of pine trees, ON LINE, on Zoom.
With Jenny Colebourne
Crystals are placed energetically around the body during a Reiki session Crystals are powerful enhancers of the Reiki energy.
By appointment.

CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY 60'. From a circle of pine trees, ON LINE, on Zoom.
With Jenny Colebourne.

Cranial sacral therapy facilitates an even, rhythmic, vital flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. The cerebrospinal fluid moves in the spine and the skull, affecting the central nervous system (including the brain) and the sinuses. Cranial sacral therapy releases stresses in the body's diaphragms and the fascia system. This is a powerful technique effective in the treatment of a wide range of physical problems including headaches, back and neck tension, arthritis, stress, fatigue, gynaecological problems, sinusitis, TMJ dysfunction, learning difficulties and co-ordination. It has proved to be very effective from a distance.

I started cranial sacral therapy with Jenny when I had chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems.
Twenty years ago I had surgery to remove a tumor in the parotid gland and since then I had repeatedly had problems and arthritis in the temporomandibular joint.
The treatment was astonishing! The muscle spasm around the joint was gone along with the chronic pain from which I suffered on an everyday basis. I was able to receive orthodontic treatment to balance the top and bottom teeth. I am chewing normally with no pain!
Tenia Voudouri. Ophthalmologist.

With Jenny Colebourne.
Jenny has been teaching Reiki since 1989.

From Mikrochori from a circle of pine trees, ON LINE, on Zoom.

The first degree the student receives 4 powerful attunements, which are designed to open the energy centres and sensitise the recipient to powerful healing energy. The first day is dedicated to learning the hand positions for self-healing, essential for health and vitality and receiving two of the attunements. During the second day the student learns how to give healing to others both on his own and as a part of a group healing. Reiki is a wonderful addition to other health-care skills.

Private seminars can also be arranged.

Second degree Reiki involves receiving a further powerful attunement to bring the student into a deeper connection with the energy. The student learns three ancient, archetypal Reiki symbols to use, strengthen hands on treatments, to develop a healing presence and for healing from a distance. The 2nd degree moves beyond space and time enabling the practitioner to work with healing not just individuals but situations.
The student is required to have completed regular self-practise and 21 full treatments for others.

From Mikrochori from a circle of pine trees, ON LINE, on Zoom.
Each meeting has a theme related to Reiki. There is time for a meditation, a group treatment and sharing and questions.
Reiki 1 meetings are open to all. The meetings include a meditation on an aspect of Reiki, learning techniques to deepen Reiki practise and group treatments. If you, or a friend, have a need for strong healing work you can request a group Reiki treatment.
Meetings are free of charge. It is traditional to offer a small gift such as flowers, incense or candles.

Reiki 2 meetings are open to those who have completed Reiki 2. The meetings include a meditation, practice with the symbols and a Reiki sending. If you, or a friend, have a need for strong healing work you can request a group Reiki treatment from a distance. Please let me know at least a day before.
Meetings are free of charge. It is traditional to offer a small gift such as flowers, incense or candles.
With Jenny Colebourne
Teaching Reiki can be challenging and the shifts that take place in us demanding. These meetings provide support and the joy of sharing the Reiki energy at an advanced level.
These meetings are open to those who have received their master ship from Jenny (which is extensive) or those trained by her teacher or her students. Teachers from other backgrounds should speak to Jenny before attending.
Meetings are free of charge. It is traditional to bring a gift.

From Mikrochori from a circle of pine trees, ON LINE, on Zoom.

Mastership training is available to those seriously committed to this powerful healing technique, who wish to develop the ability to pass on these ancient teachings and to become a channel for the attunements. The mastership training takes the form of an apprenticeship, which usually lasts a year but can be longer. It is essential throughout that year to attend the master class, all the Reiki seminars as well as practice sessions. Special arrangements can be made for those living abroad.
“Jenny Colebourne has been my Reiki Master for over 15 years and I know that my work doing Reiki has succeeded because of her energy and powerful alignment. Nothing I have experienced since her attunement has been, as healing and I shall return to Athens to do my Master work with her. She is incredible in her awareness and purity of intent and that makes it so special to have the honour and pleasure of working with her. I am the Chairman of the Board of both a corporation and a charitable foundation and intend for all board members to have the opportunity to work with her so that we can be our most creative and serve in our highest capacity. Jenny is pure magic-enjoy and get ready to soar in consciousness.”
Karen White. Texas.

With Jenny Colebourne.
Jenny has been teaching yoga teachers since 1989.
This course is for serious students who already have experience of the asanas. The course covers the detailed analysis and practise of the classical asanas and their transformational qualities; pranayama; the use of touch to transfer energy and to encourage students to go deeper into the asanas; the art of meditation and learning to trust; sound and vibration, the use of the voice as a teaching tool, the power of the mantra and hearing your own and other's inner messages; deep relaxation; seeing beyond the body; teaching practise; carrying the philosophy of yoga into your everyday life, your classes and society. This is a more advanced training course than most, and has been followed by experienced teachers who have benefited greatly.


Average: 4.4 of 5 stars

7 Reviews

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