Jenny Dodd

Hawthorn VIC

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After discovering Dru Yoga over 10 years ago for the relief of ongoing back problems, I was deeply inspired to become a Dru Yoga Teacher. My passion working with energy (Qi/Prana) led me to further studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and qualifications to teach Qigong and Shibashi.

As we age our life energy decreases, food and air is often not enough to fully restore the balance. Depletion, blockage or stagnation of energy leads to disease and degeneration. Based on this fact, my classes are designed to activate, generate, circulate, transform and store energy (Qi) in the body. We explore acupressure, slow stretches and gentle flowing movements to balance and restore the flow of life force energy throughout the body and has studied across many fields including Diploma of Dru Yoga, Diploma of Dru Meditation, Level 1 Integrated Qigong with Nicole Betts of Pursuit of Wellness and Level 1 Shibashi with Master Wing Cheung at the Tai Chi, Qigong & Feng Shui Institute.


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