Jenny Fratt

Seattle, WA
United States

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Jenny is a certified yoga instructor based in the Seattle area. She specializes in power vinyasa yoga and received her 200 RYT through Corepower Yoga in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in the fall of 2013.

Jenny started practicing yoga regularly in 2012 when she signed up for a one-credit vinyasa style class at Gonzaga University during her last semester of her senior year. She was surprised and intrigued by the calming and centering effects brought on by practicing yoga and, as a runner, she found it to be an extremely beneficial and therapeutic addition to her active lifestyle.

After graduation Jenny moved to Seattle, WA and began seeking out all different types of yoga at a variety of studios in the city. She continued running and practicing yoga regularly until the completion of her fourth half marathon left her muscles and joints feeling worn out and overworked. She felt that a break from running was needed and she was drawn to power vinyasa yoga as it provided extreme physical challenge in addition to therapeutic and psychological benefits.

After trying out a few power vinyasa studios, Jenny signed up for her free week at Corepower Yoga in Ballard and felt instantly connected to the community and the teaching style. After only one week she signed up for CPY’s 200-hour teacher training and so began an incredible journey of self-discovery.

Jenny’s teaching style provides a mindful and calming environment while also promoting challenge and intensity – and of course a good, healthy sweat. Jenny believes that yoga should be an outlet of creativity and expression that is unique and authentic for every student.


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