Jenny Mace (Treetops-Jen)

East Sussex
United Kingdom
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Greetings :)

Ahimsa (non-harming to all beings), daya (compassion) and daana (charity) are three of the philosophical teachings in yoga that initially attracted me to the practice - this in combination with the power of movement and breath. If we practice the above qualities then I believe we are ultimately helping and serving ourselves also.

I have founded the social enterprise Animal Yoga™ based on these principles. There is an undeniable animal element within yoga and Animal Yoga exists to explore this to a deep extent both on and off the mat. Through classes, workshops, teacher-training and kids sessions, Animal Yoga™ seeks to offer inspiration from the animal kingdom, to foster a greater feeling of connection with our cohabitants of this world and our own animal nature, and to ultimately generate more compassion towards animals in society. 40% of all funds go to two animal charities and the remaining funds are reinvested into the initiative.

Animal Yoga™ sessions focus solely on the 50+ animal-named asanas (postures), the 40+ animal-named mudras (hand gestures), the one animal-named pranayama (breath work) and animal-oriented chanting. These activities provide the basis for us to delve into the animal-based (both human and non-human) biology, mythology and philosophy.

Join us :-)


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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