Jenny Schuck

Roxbury, CT
United States

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Jenny Schuck really likes yoga. It makes her feel better about things. It reveals to her the beauty in it all. She studies regularly with Rodney Yee and did her 500-hour certification with the intelligent and intuitive Natasha Rizopoulis at Down Under Yoga in Boston. She believes yoga is for everybody and should be fun.

Her style falls between the vinyasa and Iyengar traditions, using Sun Salutations to connect movement with breath and to strengthen and mobilize the body, then holding poses and working out the intricacies of alignment and how the body works. She uses her backgrounds in animal science ( Cornell University), veterinary medicine, gymnastics, dance, acting, improv and corporate life to make this information accessible to all. She currently owns and directs Yoga Culture in Danbury, Connecticut, a super welcoming studio with a bunch of students who all route for each other.

Through her practice, Jenny has herself become looser in tight places and tighter in loose places - not all of these places are physical. That makes her feel more balanced and less angsty. Jenny believes that yoga is magical but not magic. Yoga demands discipline within practice. Discipline is required to be present. Being present allows you to be aware. Awareness is the force of true change. True change is really just the unveiling of the real you. You were perfect all along - now you see it. Yoga!


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