Jenny Viktorsson


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My journey into yoga was inspired from the longing for beautiful sensation and wonderful feeling of being in connection with myself whenever dancing. I knew from my very first yoga class in Spain many years back that this is what I wanted and needed. I didn’t know back then how deep this journey would take me or the fact that I had just opened the door to what I feel is my path. Yoga has really changed my life in so many ways and it is still my daily companion to connect with myself, with love and with truth.

It is my wish to spread love and light through yoga and that we learn how to unite body mind spirit to our essence, LOVE. I aspire to share the jewels of yoga, meditation and body work for the well being of all so that we can reunite in joy, harmony, love and peace for living a more joyful and content life.

I am here to share my passion of yoga and guide you towards an inner journey and towards the true teacher within yourself. I teach not only classical Hatha yoga but also other styles such as Vinyasa flow, Yinyoga, Restorative, Pregnancy yoga and elemental yoga therapy. I also teach pranayama, breathing practices and different ways of meditation. I also do body work such as Reiki, chakra-healing balance and cranio-sacral sessions.

I am located in Goa, India during the winter and in Sweden during the summer

Look forward to meet you on this beautiful path of life!

Love and light!