Jeremy Rinkel

Effingham, IL
United States

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Jeremy is a husband, father, teacher, runner and life-long learner. He loves to travel and challenges himself to learn new things. After struggling with depression and anxiety, he knew he had to simplify his life and slow down. He was initially reluctant to attend yoga class because of his size, lack of flexibility and the “stigma” that men don’t practice yoga. He eventually decided to try a relaxation and restorative class. He fell in love with yoga after his first class.

Yoga changed his life. Being mindful and seeing the good in all things became more natural. After a month or two of practice, Jeremy saw his physical health improve. His blood pressure, stress and anxiety decreased dramatically. He became stronger mentally and physically. He changed his mindset from being a naturally pessimistic person to someone full of light and positivity.

Jeremy decided to teach because he wanted to share with others how practicing yoga can be life changing. Teaching yoga is like sharing a gift with those around you. Yoga is a lifestyle. It is more than just the physical practice. Jeremy strives to inspire and help others to create harmony and peace in their lives and the lives of those they come in contact with.

Jeremy has a variety of interests including yoga for flexibility, restorative yoga, yoga to decrease stress and anxiety, and standup paddleboard yoga (SUP Yoga). His classes are suitable for all levels. Jeremy’s classes include meditation, breathwork, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, and Restorative.

Since beginning his yoga journey, Jeremy sees the world differently. He’s more patient, He’s healthier mentally, spiritually and physically. Mostly, he understands himself better and knows when he needs to take time for himself and breathe


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