Jes Rosenberg

Minneapolis, MN
United States

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When asked what her job is, Jes Rosenberg explains, “I teach people how to breathe and open up to the infinite possibilities of this moment.” Jes is a pure-of-heart revolutionary who understands that you are your own guru. Through storytelling and leading by example, she inspires people to plug in, turn on the switch of their own inner beauty and awareness and “live in the OM.” Though naturally humble, she is a real fountain of creativity and playfulness, with an incomparable gift for inspiring group connection and commUNITY building. As troop leader of the Gorilla Yogis™ nonprofit movement she designs posters, organizes events and leads en mass yoga classes out of captivity in unexpected, offbeat places to raise money for great causes. Jes is also dedicated to bringing yoga to people of all ages and abilities, and through the combination of her extensive yoga training and her background in industrial design, she has piloted a Chair Yoga program and iBook to bring mobility and fitness to the elderly and differently abled. And she created The Adventures of Super Stretch™ innovative kid’s yoga program, products and apps that help children all over the world to “make Namaste a part of your day.” Instructing professionally for 13 years and practicing yoga since a teenager, Jes is a national educator, meditation instructor, Reiki master and teacher-trainer E-RYT 500, 200/500RYS. She is sought out as a “teacher’s teacher” and mentor to other yoga instructors. Through living her passion she has drawn extensive local and national press coverage, including multiple features in Yoga Journal and a four-time Lululemon Ambassador. She practices on and off the mat from her home base of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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