Jess Burchfield

Pittsburgh, PA
United States

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I found myself inspired to roll out my mat as an alternative work-out option that didn’t involve kicking, catching, or hitting balls, none of which I am good at. I had no idea how much I would come to love Yoga over the years. Yoga has contributed to my life both on and off the mat, and continues to drive me to be the best I can be, especially in stressful situations where it’s easy to lose sight of priorities.

As a Yoga instructor graduating from the first 200-hour teacher training hosted by Balance, I am excited and proud to be a part of the staff that continues to spread Yoga, making it accessible to all. As a person, I struggle with life, much like everyone else, and find solace in the idea that those struggles are what make up our stories.

It’s our individual story that makes life worth living.

In June 2013, I founded Breakthrough Yoga, a wellness blog designed to bring awareness of Yoga and it’s benefits to the public. As BTY expands over the next year, it is my goal to bring Yoga to those who are unable to attend traditional Yoga classes, with an emphasis on those diagnosed with PTSD. It is my hope that through BTY I will be able to drive PTSD awareness, raise funds for organizations I hold close to my heart, and spread the benefits of Yoga in an accessible, down-to-earth, real way.


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