Jessica Roth

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J e s s  R o s e is a Kansas City native whose teaching spans alignment-based vinyasa and hatha, anusara, meditation, and yin/yang yoga. She currently divides her time between Mexico, the , and Germany, and loves to travel the world to teach, write, and find inspiration in both the outer and inner worlds she finds herself in.
Jess is a certified RYT 500. Her classes are founded on the importance of alignment and biomechanics, but her passion shines through in the form of creative sequencing, the exploration of themes, and an innate sense of playfulness and humor. Jess has been teaching on , the world’s largest online yoga community, since 2015, and has more than 50,000 students all over the world. She is a featured author for Elephant Journal, has been interviewed and featured in San Francisco Yoga Magazine, and is a regular contributor to Jess took her Buddhist Refuge Vow in 2017, and frequently incorporates Buddhist teachings as themes in her asana classes. Expect an active, instructional, and fun class.
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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Friendly, open and just the right tempo...

Jessica's classes always seem to move at just the right pace for me. She has a good feeling of when to push and when to ease off. Her programming is also very balanced in that I always feel as though I had a whole body work out. I hadn't been going to regular classes for a while, but these classes got me back into it.

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Yoga is less without Jess

Jessica is a very sensitive teacher. She is in tune with where everyone is in their ability. Therefore, she presents variations of every pose so that everyone's ability is accommodated.


Jessica is also very encouraging. This encouragement gives you the confidence you need to take a risk with a new pose. I have managed to try things I wouldn't have had it not been for Jess's positivity. I put myself in a mindset where I didn't feel ready but Jessica modeled a great attitude that helped make me ready.

Jessica also adds new elements to Yoga, such as soft music and the smell of lavender. It makes Yoga a very sensory activity.

Finally, a friend said it best when describing Jessica's voice as a 'Yoga' voice: It is friendly and approachable but loud and authoritative.

Thank you for all your help, Jess!

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A Great Teacher

Ms. Roth is an intuitive and attentive teacher. She combines a positive balance of physical and spiritual guidance. Although her lessons can be strenuous, I always feel relaxed and refreshed at the end.

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Sold me on yoga

I had tried yoga a few times before classes with Jessica, and although I felt the positive effects afterwards, I hated the actual process. Jessica, on the other hand, provides the perfect balance of pushing her students futher without taking away from the experience of the moment. As a beginner, I appreciate that she quietly corrects without giving me the feelng that I'm doing it wrong.

Although I can't speak for advanced students, I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who is interested is curious about improving their physical and mental well-being.