Jessica Abner

Honolulu, HI
United States

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"I'm originally from Orlando, Fl but I have been living in Hawaii since 2007.
I immediately fell in love with Hawaii and soon after began my journey into heath and fitness.
I never thought I would enjoy teaching others, mainly because I dont like to be the center of attention and public speaking freaks me out.
Teaching found me though and I'm so glad, because it has been so rewarding.

I can truly say (and mean 100%) that I absolutely love what I do and the people who come into my life as a result of it.
It truly is a blessing."

I got into yoga on accident, I am a fitness junkie that assumed yoga was too boring to like. So I found a rigorous practice to peak my interest into the yoga scene, now I can appreciate many styles. I had been teaching various fitness styles prior to teaching yoga and its safe to say that teaching style reflects that prior experience.


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