Jessica Brown


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Jessica was born in Australia, and grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
She lives and teaches Yoga at the infamous Ubud Yoga Centre in Ubud, Bali - for 5 yrs she has been blessed by the culture ceremony prayer and devotional essence of this sacred & powerful Island.
She began her Yoga Journey at the age of 23.
After 6 yrs of practice Jessica went to Bikram Teacher Training in San Diego USA in 2010. She has since met and inspired many students across across Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Thailand & Indonesia.
She has since become certified in Inferno Hot Pilates, Yin Yoga / Yoga Thereapy, Fly High Yoga & Kids Yoga.
With over a decade of direct personal experience, Jessica is passionate about sharing Empowerment through Yoga :
Lifestyle, Growth, Holistic Health, Self Exploration, Purpose & JOY with our World. Jessica’s philosophy on Yoga is quite simply : YOGA IS FOR EVERY BODY!
• emPOWER • emBODY • LIFE •
Y O G A invokes clarity & purpose.
It inspires ACTualisation of whole Health, personal evolution & ignites passion.


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