Jessica Drake

East Sussex
United Kingdom

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After many years of practice, I decided to do the yoga teacher training not with the intention to teach, but just for my own interest in ‘going deeper’. It turned out nothing has had more influence on my balance and centred-ness than this powerful practice! As a passionate Latin personality, yoga has allowed me to look inside and find focus and peace. My love and determination for this practice has led me to want to share what I believe with you!

Be surrounded by your inner silence…. become receptive, intuitive and cultivate mindfulness. Develop a deep connexion with harmonious breath to stimulate the flow of energy and soothe the mind.

Balancing Yin stillness poses combined with Yang active poses allow us to open and stimulate the meridians or channels along the body, especially on the spine. Then, the energy and movement flows freely throughout the body releasing tension into the ground. Working with gravity is to work naturally with the body rather than against it.

Come along and experience a personal path, a journey to investigate and explore with a sense of freedom, enthusiasm, play and joy.

A unique class for any age, ability and experience which includes: theme of yoga philosophy, postures, breath, relaxation, meditation, chanting. I will use props (belts, blocks, blankets) to help you fully experience each posture

Jessica Drake teaches Hatha yoga (Vajrasati) inspired by Vanda Scaravelli and Yin/Yang yoga (Shiatsu philosophy). She is fully qualified Yoga Alliance UK registered yoga teacher and professionally insured. She is also a Shiatsu practitioner


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