Jessica Gardner

Kent, OH
United States

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The calming effect on her mind was the most welcome change Jessica felt when she began yoga. She soon recognized yoga's power to bring ease into all aspects of daily life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Jessica began practicing yoga in 2000 while working as seasonal staff at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Having never been particularly athletic or sports-oriented, she loved having found a way to strengthen her body in a safe and gentle way. One of her favorite lessons about yoga comes from an early teacher, Garrett Sarley (Dinabandhu): “Your hopes and your fears are like little seeds in the energy field around your body. When you do yoga, the seeds are nourished and they grow.”

Jessica completed her 200-level certification in 2012 with Mike Curtis at The Yoga Place and continued to study with Margot Milcetich at the Brahmrishi Institute. She has a bachelor's degree in linguistics from the University of Oregon and master's degrees in library and information science and information architecture and knowledge management, both from Kent State. A linguist at heart, she is particularly drawn to studying Sanskrit and yogic philosophy. She lives in Kent with her husband and two children.


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