Jessica Hatchett

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"I think the one word I would use to describe Jessica is 'authentic'. I've been practicing with her for 18 months and I instinctivly feel that she genuinely believes in yoga as a method to enrich one's life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Having said that, she never portrays herself as an infallible 'guru' figure and is refreshingly honest about her own vulnerabilities. This combination of her skillfulness, both as a teacher and a practitioner, and her openess about her human 'flaws' makes her both aspirational and relatable at the same time" Louise O'Niell Sept 2013

With 15 years of personal practice and 10 years of teaching experience, Jessica Hatchett guides you into the rich and varied practice of yoga with insights and enthusiasm. Jessica's individual and energetic style offers you a balance between an energizing workout and deep relaxation and self enquiry.

Classes, Workshops and Retreats in West Cork, Ireland.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

52 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Creative and engaging

Jessica is an excellent yoga teacher and her passion for yoga comes through in her teaching. I have been practicing yoga with Jessica for over 5 years and every time I go, I learn something new. Jessica puts huge preparation into each of her classes and has her own unique style of teaching. Each class has a different theme and focus with creative and dynamic flows that are both engaging and empowering. You will never be bored practicing with Jess!

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Yoga for the soul, heart, body and mind

I have been going to Jess' classes for nearly 3 years. She is an amazing teacher. I love how she manages to have variety in her classes each week yet have consistency. She has a great balance of relaxation, reflection and movement. Her classes provide a nurturing and safe place to practise yoga and gives me a bit of time to just be in my busy life. Thanks Jess!

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Discovering the real me through yoga

Discovering yoga in Jess's classes is a joy. It is fun even when it is challenging. Jess has shown me a path to being a calmer & more centred person than I ever thought I could be, in touch with who I really am. I used to be a crazy, busy, stressed out person. Now I can breathe and move and the world falls away. Jess guides us all with care and humour making every class a wonderful experience. Yoga will always be part of me now - Thank you Jess

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A Treasure in West Cork

I look forward to Jess's yoga class each week and feel so lucky to have her in Clonakilty! Each class is different; in almost 4 years I have never had the same class twice. Classes are challenging, relaxing, spiritual and educational all at the same time! From Jess's classes I have learnt so much about yoga and my body but also an awful lot about myself, my relationships, my habits, the way I look at things etc. Jess is a gifted teacher with huge respect for her students…. A true treasure in West Cork! Thank you Jess for everything.

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I would recommend Jessica anytime to anyone. .....

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars

Jessica is always very helpful and very thorough. Her exploratory work, explainations, adjustments and own expert demonstrations are all very encouraging - and so, achievements are always gained and smiles about. She is a marvel ! Helen

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I Joined Jessica's Class with the sole intention of improving my flexibility but as a result of being in a class with a teacher who is passionate and knowledgeable about her subject I have benefited in a lot more ways. I look forward to my weekly class.

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Yoga Class

Since joining Jessica's Yoga Class two years ago I have had many positive experiences. The yoga movements are very well explained. The class is also quiet mindful. Jessica's messages always gives food for thought.

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A wonderful teacher.

Anyone who is lucky enough to find and attend Jessica's yoga classes will have a life changing experience. I was so ill when I had one to one classes with Jessica and as I got better I moved onto her drop in sessions. I can honestly say that her depth of knowledge, her passion for yoga, and her ability to create a calm and deeply spiritual space makes for a whole life healing. I call it going home to myself. In my opinion there is no teacher like her! Rachel G

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Lovely balance of physical challenge and mental rest

Had a very enjoyable yoga weekend with Jessica in the Buddhist Centre on Beara peninsula. Couldn't recommend highly enough for someone wanting to pause, take a breath, practice peaceful but challenging (to the level you want it to challenge) yoga, eat delicious healthy food, take in the stunning, wild and rugged scenery of Beara and absorb the positive energy of the Buddhist Centre. Wish it could be every weekend.

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Excellent - classes are very enjoyable and rewarding.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars

Excellent teacher

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Amazing Yogi!!!

It was such a treat to practice with Jess, I really look forward to planning another yoga retreat with her in the future! She is such a beautiful person and really gets you to understand the true meaning behind yoga, something that I had forgotten. I left the weekend with sore muscles but feeling revitalised! Thanks Jess! :-)

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Retreat 2014

I had the pleasure of a weekend retreat in Dzogchen Beara in summer 2014 with Jessica and it was thoroughly enjoyable! Every aspect of it was interesting & challenging but so rewarding all at the same time. Jess really opened my eyes to the asana's as I've always concentrated on getting the look of the posture right rather than the feel. I have to say that if it was at all possible for me to get to her
regular classes I would be a regular student. The setting & catering were just the icing on the cake as I felt so well cared for throughout the weekend. Jess is such a warm, enthusiastic & skilled teacher.

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Jessica is my first Yoga teacher and I just could'nt imagine anybody being better at this than Jessica

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Jessica is an attentive and thoughtful teacher. I always feel safe and interested and experience significant benefits after every class.

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Finally I found the real Yoga with Jess!

Having dipped in to yoga courses on a number of previous occasions but not really getting it, or it grabbing me, I decided to try again at my local class with Jess. From day one Jess' yoga practice made complete sense, from the explanations of how the body and mind work to the level and mix of poses. I thought (& still think!) that the classes were geared solely for my needs but as I see from reviews so does everyone else! thus testament to Jess's intuitive way of teaching. I have also attended yoga therapy sessions with Jess and have found them both life saving & changing all in one. Thank you Jess & I look forward to many more fruitful practices with you :-)

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Intuitive, intelligent, kind yet challenging teacher

Jessica is a wonderful, intuitive, intelligent, kind yet constantly challenging teacher. Highly recommended. She knows that the work we do in the body is also work we do on ourselves, for our lives.

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Amazing Teacher

I have being going to Jessica classes for the last 4 years, I can't highly recommend her enough, she has an incredible and beautiful gift for teaching, I'm truly grateful to Jessica for all her help over the last few years. All I can say to anyone is to go to one of her classes or retreats, and you will realise what an amazing yoga teacher Jessica is.

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Health is wealth

A priority every week, attending with the last two years, great for my fitness, flexibility and posture. Knowledge and experience are top class. I would not go any where else.

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Deeply nourishing and comforting!

I have attended Jessica's workshop and retreats and have found both to be deeply nourishing enriching and comforting on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
I have glanced at the essence of' ring' and have found my yoga experience under Jessica's guidance profound. I would highly recommend her yoga experience.

Jessica HatchettApril 25, 2015

Thank you Anne, looking forward to seeing you soon, Jess

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A wonderfully empowering and inspiring teacher

I found Jessica's class very invigorating. She leads is a sensitive, thoughtful and strengthening class. I learned to be aware of a possibility for space even in restricted circumstances. I wish I could do her class more often. Thanks!

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The phrase is 'body mind & spirit', but Jess's teaching style almost turns this around. She opens up the spiritual aspect, informs your mind, and your body follows. Jess facilitates my journey to making yoga part of how I live, everyday.