Jessica Hatchett

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"I think the one word I would use to describe Jessica is 'authentic'. I've been practicing with her for 18 months and I instinctivly feel that she genuinely believes in yoga as a method to enrich one's life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Having said that, she never portrays herself as an infallible 'guru' figure and is refreshingly honest about her own vulnerabilities. This combination of her skillfulness, both as a teacher and a practitioner, and her openess about her human 'flaws' makes her both aspirational and relatable at the same time" Louise O'Niell Sept 2013

With 15 years of personal practice and 10 years of teaching experience, Jessica Hatchett guides you into the rich and varied practice of yoga with insights and enthusiasm. Jessica's individual and energetic style offers you a balance between an energizing workout and deep relaxation and self enquiry.

Classes, Workshops and Retreats in West Cork, Ireland.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

52 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Unfortunatwly I can't join Jessica's yoga classes as often as I would like but I have thoroughly enjoyed every session with her so far. She always brings me to my physical limits without ever putting anyone under pressure and always gives you food for thought. I love the variety she brings into her sessions, no 2 sessions are the same, and they are always very well rounded off with a gentle start, a peak and a gentle relaxation phase at the end. You just know that she has put a lot of thought and preparation into each class.

Jessica HatchettApril 25, 2015

Hi Simone,
Thanks you for taking the time to review me here. Glad to hear your feedback too, Jess

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
An Inspiring Teacher

I really look forward to Jessica's classes every week. Each one revolves around a different theme always linking the body with the mind and spirit in a fun and interesting way that always makes perfect sense. It's clearly evident how much thought and preparation Jessica puts into every class. Not only do you get a great stretch but a warm hug for the soul too. A truly inspiring teacher.

Jessica HatchettApril 22, 2015

Thats a great review Tamzin thank you very much!

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Excellent Teacher

I really enjoy Jessica's classes and afterwards really feel like I have achieved something. I am more flexible and strong because of my yoga practice and that is very much due to attending Jessica's class.

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Dzoghen beara retreat

The best yoga retreat i have ever been on. Second time returning to Jessicas retreat. Everything from the venue, accomodation, the yoga classes and workshops went above and beyond my expectations. The food...well what can i say. The girls from Organico are so talented! I loved this whole experience and didnt want to go home. I would have stayed for a whole week. I'll be back for the next retreat for sure.

Jessica HatchettApril 22, 2015

Thank you Anna, its great to get to know you and I'm so glad my retreats work for you. See you on the next one!

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I've been to yoga instructors in London and New York City and I never imagined that I would find the best instructor I've ever had in a small town in west Cork. Jessica is deeply intuitive, kind, and allows everyone the time and space to develop their practice at their own pace. Her classes are a wonderful mix of different yoga styles so you never get bored- after attending her classes twice weekly for three years, I've never seen her give the same class. She is a truly wonderful teacher.

Jessica HatchettApril 22, 2015

Thank you Louise, you are so kind to look after me with reviews, and you are very good at them. X

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Jessica teaches with heart and years of experience!

A class with Jess is always something to look forward to. In her classes you're not just challenged physically but there is always a thought or teaching woven through to really help you take yoga from your mat and into your daily life.
Jess is soft spoken and clear with her instructions creating a very relaxed and welcoming space to practice in. It's evident through her classes that she has years of knowledge and experience and a love for yoga that is infectious.

Jessica HatchettApril 22, 2015

Thank you Mindy, you are very inspiring too! thanks for the review

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Beyond Gifted

Jess is a yoga genius who shares her gift in a way that only someone who loves their work could do-I can't recommend her highly enough.

Jessica HatchettApril 22, 2015

Genius! Wow thats support indeed, thank you Mari

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Simply the best!

Jessica's classes are an oasis in my somewhat frantic life.Monday mornings creative flow is a good ,vigorous start to the week. Four days later i am more than ready for a somewhat gentler evening class.while we revisit the same poses over and over each class takes one on a new journey and always leaves me wanting more. Jessica's one to one sessions are very special and have helped me establish my own practice which has enhanced my life no end. I highly recommend this wonderful teacher.

Jessica HatchettApril 22, 2015

Ah Mary! Thank you. My biggest fan and longest standing student...I killed all the others! X

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Absolutely rejuvenating

The title says it all. Jessicas classes are part of my weekly routine and I would be lost without them. Highly recommended!

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In competent hands with a good sense of fun.

Have been attending for about 2 years. A very relaxing class with a very good work ethic.

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Body and mind combine effortlessly with Jess

Great yoga class and teacher. Right balance for me of humour and seriousness, focus is on the journey not the destination. Jess has been a great gift and door opener to me to taking myself less seriously. Thank you.

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Super yoga super food

Great insight, new and old ideas fun fun fun class with time spent on nidra. Fantastic retreats for beginner intermediate and advanced ;)

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An amazing teacher with an equally amazing soul

Jessica is an amazing teacher who's ability to guide the practice allows students of all levels to enjoy and explore their practice. Her generosity of spirit and sense of fun make her classes a joy to attend.