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Montespertoli FI

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Jessica teaches Yoga and Meditation to adults and to children, during the week in different yoga-centres, in schools, prisons and in the Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Sakya Ngon Ga Ling, she founded . She teaches in groups and individually like in the Indian tradition. She teaches Yoga for pregnant women as a preparation for birth and for new moms and their little babies. She is particularly interested in children’s development and Child Yoga, from pregnancy to young adults.
She teaches Buddhist tantric meditation and organize empowerments and teachings from the Sakya lineage in the Tibetan Buddhist centre Sakya Ngon Ga Ling.
Jessica holds seminars during the year in Italy and also in Sweden. She started the “La Via dello Yoga” a year-long course in yoga as a spiritual path of inner development, with her many profound experiences during her retreats and other moments of her life she is very suited to transmit the essence of yoga. She has also developed another year-long course in “Yoga for School-Teachers”, with the aim to bring simple yogic practices and meditation to the schools.
Since 15 years she plays Crystal bowls for meditation, harmonizing and celebration during solstices, equinoxes and more, she also have individual sessions with the crystal bowls.
Jessica is a Holistic Counsellor certified in Olocounseling, specialized in Yoga, Meditation and Astrology.
Jessica has done long personal meditation retreats, she is a yogini and considered such by His Holiness Sakya Trizin head of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism.
Her first book on yoga is about to be published, it’s about yoga in prison, from which she has many years of experience as a teacher for both convicts and for the police working in prison.
Jessica organizes Yoga-Retreat holidays in different places where the connection to particular “Power Places” is a leading theme. This summer she organizes one retreat in Sardinia and one in Puglia.

Born in Sweden, she has always been interested in the potentialities of human beings. She studied Art History and Psychology at the University of Stockholm, with a thesis on Childrens Drawings with a view on the artistic and developmental expression of the children. She worked as a painter and sculptor in the 80s’ and 90’s meanwhile she was present in the lives of her two and started to develop the ART of Living…WELL.
She studied Yoga and Meditation in the Viniyoga Tradition (Krishnamacharya), an intense path of individual lessons and group studies for about 10 years. Where she had profound studies in the Patanjali Yoga Sutra and vedic chanting. Sha has participated in many seminars with Desikachar. Since 2000 she has studied with the renowned Master Marioji Attombri (Shri Raja Guru Lahari), he has asked her to be his representative in Florence.
Since 1994 she studied Buddha Dharma with the Zen-master Thich Nhat Hanh till she met her Root-Guru His Holiness Sakya Trizin in 1998, with him she has continued her studies of Buddhism in general and Tantra in particular. Sakya Trizin is the spiritual head of the Sakya School of Tibetan Buddhism.
She has studied and worked as an astrologer since more than 30 years, specialized in psychological and evolutionary astrology. For about 6 years she followed courses in Chi Gong and healing techniques.
She has practiced many other meditation disciplines, like the Mer-Ka-Ba and the meditation in the Heart with Drunvalo Melchizedek, and other experiences with native Americans, and Shamans from various traditions, in the last years she has done a shamanic quest with the Siberian shaman Nadia Stepanova, from Lake Baikal.
In 2002 she founded the association “Soleluna”(Sunmoon), promoting a culture of peace and personal development through a holistic approach. The association has organized many events on health, on the cultural development of mind-body in general, like Kalachakra Firenze 2007 with His Holiness Sakya Trizin and many representatives from different religions in a meeting for world peace. The association has also been administering the Centre Sakya Ngon Ga Ling, dedicated to her Guru Sakya Trizin and consecrated by him 2003, the centre is now situated in Tresanti, Montespertoli, near Florence. (). Now the association is developing a project “Bimbi Soleluna” for quality-time for children, education on values and peace, connecting to Mother Earth.
She is the representative in Tuscany of “Living Values”, an educational project for teachers, educators, parents and children on universal values. ()
2002 she started the clothing brand Bindu Yoga Wear. That is produced in India and in Italy, with clothes that are designed for the activity of yoga and also normal leisure wear.()


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