Jessica Sawyer

United Kingdom

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On returning from a lifelong dream pilgrimage to see and experience as many of the ancient Incan, Mayan and Aztec sacred sites as possible
Jessica is now teaching ashtanga, core strength vinyasa and Baby yoga in the North West of England.

She was teaching Yoga and practising energy healing in the mountains surrounding Antigua, Guatemala for 6 months and at various festivals in Mexico.

She studied Yoga (Ashtanga with Anusara alignment principles) with a Hare Krishna Yogi in the Sacred Valley area of Peru in a life changing spiritually and physically challenging course that altered her outlook on the world forever. The certificate was obtained from Yoga Inbound. The philosophy of this Yoga practice is based on the idea that we are eternal spiritual souls within this physical/emotional body. The body serves as an instrument through which the eternal being can show his/her free will within this material universe. This body is considered a divine gift with which we have the opportunity to become enlightened and awaken our internal divinity, our true Self, and to serve the whole, to cooperate with universal order, to make our life and that of others more beautiful and satisfactory. This is why we do not deny nor rejected this body, rather we honour it as a temple where the soul and the Supersoul reside.

Jessica has practised meditation and acquired techniques from many first hand sources in different continents. These include Kadampa Buddhist centres in Australia and the UK, a Buddhist monastery in Thailand and an ashram dedicated to the teachings of the spiritual guide Osho.

Jessica firmly believes that the route to happiness is to be the change that you wish to see in the world and tries to live this principle every day.

Her ongoing focus and aim is to improve the lives of those around her and help them see themselves the way she sees them (as divine beings). She wishes her life to move forward, healing one person at a time using various methods tailored towards the individual and hopes to spread love and light wherever possible.

Since returning to the UK in March 2013 Jessica has completed her Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Training.

CSV Yoga requires students to fully activate their Deep Core Muscle Meridian, their innermost muscle body, along with the more commonly used outer one. We also keep students activating and moving strongly BETWEEN poses. PLUS, the unique Core Breath we use builds heat and power, and optimizes digestion and metabolism, fast.

She is also a qualified Birthlight Baby Yoga Level 1 Instructor assisting Parents and their babies to bond and encouraging their bodily systems to develop to their optimum alignment from the start.


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