Jessica Simeonides

South Africa

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I am a passionate yogi who enjoys teaching yoga for children as well as for adults. I own and run Lotus Lifestyle Group which is made up of Young Yogis (yoga for children) as well as Yogi Centered (yoga for all).

Young Yogis- With a twist on traditional yoga; Young Yogis provide fun, educational classes in a mindful manner to children between the ages of 18 months and 18 years.

Young Yogis classes maintain children's wellness through the harmony of body, mind and spirit; encouraging strong bodies, focused minds and free spirits!

Yogi Centered- Yoga for All! Yogi Centered prides itself on being completely accepting, everyone is welcome! No previous experience is needed. Any disabilities or difficulties are worked with or around and optional modifications are provided to make every yoga posture possible for everyone. All body types are welcome.


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