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I started practicing yoga in the year of 2000. In the early years of practicing I never fully understood all aspects of yoga. I just understood how great my body felt, how settled my mind was and the place of serenity it brought me to. Through-out my life I have been faced with so many challenges that would harden any ones shell. When I practice yoga it reminds me to breath, slow down and be aware with how my mind, spirit and physical body feels. As time has passed I have been faced with more and more of life’s lessons which kept bringing me back to the beautiful studios where there was support and commonality. As time went on I started getting more in depth with the philosophy and where this alluring practice came from. In 2011 I took my training at Yoga Passage where I became certified. Forever more I will continually learn the philosophy of yoga.

Every morning when the sun rises we are faced with a new day and new challenges. So I like to bring new challenges to my practitioners; whether it be challenging your body with strength and determination or simply allowing your sense of humor to shine and have a good laugh. When you practice with me you will experience a dynamic alignment based yoga practice that consists of strength but also fluidity. The classes are spontaneous with no expectations. I come to each class with an open mind to accommodate each and everyone’s needs. The most important things is that you leave feeling tranquil with a smile on your face and a sense of kinship. In the end if all of that is there I know I have done my job.


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