Jessie Fletcher

Atlanta, GA
United States
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Jessie has traveled extensively throughout the US to personally train under Yoga Master Andrey Lappa founder of Universal Yoga™, one of the most qualified and influential teachers of Yoga today. She is a certified Universal Yoga™ teacher. She is also a certified teacher of Shiva Nata (Dance of Shiva), a Yogic art which produces a highly restorative effect on the central nervous system and purifies the endocrine system. Jessie is blessed with Refuge initiation into the tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism of the Karma Kagyu lineage. She has attended multiple workshops on traditional Surya Namaskar and Tantric Yoga as well as the Buddhist internal meditation practices of Vajrayogini, Vajrasattva and the 6 lights of Naropa. She has led many yoga workshops and training sessions on transitional lifestyles, cooking classes and the system of Universal Yoga. Join her on the path to healthy, natural, and compassionate living.