Jillian Elizabeth

Park City, UT
United States
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Hi all, I like in the beautiful mountain town of Park City. I moved here in 2015 from San Diego after several months of backpacking through Central America. I love anything outdoors whether land or sea, dancing, wine sipping, vinyasa flowing and meeting new people. I love doing yoga with kids and guiding them into fun flows, dances and meditations.

All thanks to my ACL injury that I was fortunate enough to experience smack dab in the middle of my teacher training course in 2014 (only slight sarcasm!), I became very aware of how important it is to slow down. Now I make a point to be mindful of each and every step; the transition of one thought and one foot step to the next. This is a process we learn on the mat but should be used more off of the mat.

When I put my time into the office life after college, I integrated my practice off my mat and straight to and around my chair. Thus office and chair yoga. Bringing that reminder to any and all who put in hours on a desk that posture and mindful breathing is something we should always be aware of.

Intimidated by large classes and want to learn the basics from our roots up? I'm here to work on every breath, every pose, every transition and noticing when our mind wanders.

Living in Park City, I came across the opportunity to teach at the National Ability Center. I teach with their staff, volunteers and sponsored athletes on a weekly basis. As well, I've taught to special groups with a variety of mental and physical disabilities (or abilities!). Every other month, I teach to a group of young adults with Autism and Downs Syndrome. I've also taught to retired veterans with a variety of their own needs to embrace. I also have experience with teaching to young women with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida.

Although I have no specific training in yoga for special needs, these opportunities have entered my path and I have embraced every moment of it as I continue to learn and grow as a teacher and student of yoga.

Whether a silly kid, a backpacker, a busy mom, the proper businessman or elegant older folk with all the best stories, we are all one and we can all be mindful of each step.

That's where I like to come in, as that voice of reminder for what you already know. Cheers!

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