Jillian Fragale

West Chester, PA
United States

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I began my yoga journey in1999 while recovering from a low back injury and working through have been practicing ever since and have developed a passion for spiritual growth and the healing arts. It is through years of experimenting with yoga, meditation, breath work, dance and writing that I have found multiple ways not only explore the unknowns of life, but a way to celebrate them. These experiences made such a profound mark on me that I wanted to share it with others, influencing me to become a yoga instructor. Yoga and dance have had a huge positive impact in my life as being in the body can help filter the mind of negativity and fear. I am an avid hiker as it is my greatest connection to the earth. In addition, I am a certified Reiki II practitioner and writer.

I create safe environment for students to explore their practice and how it relates to their own body, heart and mind. My classes focus on breath work along with emotional and physical release. I encourage all questions to deepen one’s understanding of yoga and how it relates to oneself. I hold a strong and fun presence enabling my students’ awareness and enjoyment of their yoga practice and spiritual journey.


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