Jim Tarran

East Sussex
United Kingdom
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Jim has been practising yoga since 1990 and since then has taught several thousand people the art. He has also trained dozens of teachers on the teacher training course he founded in 2000 which is certified at the 500 hour level (Vajrasati).

Jim trained with direct students of Iyengar (Rajiv Chanchani, Shyam Metha, Jean Maslin and more) and was a member of the Iyengar teachers association for a decade before respectfully rescinding his membership to concentrate on Vajrasati Yoga.

He has taught Yoga retreats and breaks in India, Thailand, Mexico, Morocco, Italy, Spain, France, La Gomera, Sweden, Greece, Turkey and Egypt and co- founded Yoga Explorers - a yoga travel company with a focus on beautiful accommodation in inspiring locations.

Jim has extensively studied Indian philosophy with an emphasis on Buddhism and Tantra.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

12 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Wonderfully inspiring, honest and open hearted

Jim Tarran's classes and workshops are like nothing else I have experienced before in a yoga class. He is able to blend sense of humor intricitley woven into poetic yogic philosophy which is informative, inspiring and awakening. This makes Jim's classes fun, with laughter yet at the same time deeply absorbing. Postures are awakening and enlivening and bring about a deep sense of release physically, emotionally and mentally.


I am currently completing my teacher training with Jim and Khadine at the Vajrasati school and I can honestly say, this course has helped ground me and answer many questions that had not been answered in my previous teacher trainings. The course in honest and explorative, rather than being a 'fixed thing' of following rules. This results in empowering the student to become intuiative and responsive from a place of honesty and truth in one's own experience. I cannot recommend this teacher training enough alongside his wonderful classes. Namaste!! xx

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A dedicated teacher with a great wealth of knowledge

I have practiced Yoga with Jim since 2003. A perfect balance of asana, meditation and mantra to foster a calm and centred connection to our true Essence Nature. Mixed with a fun "have a go" approach, whats not to like!!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Jim Tarran

I have been going to Jim's yoga classes for 9 years now and prior to that have done yoga for many years and been to many teachers. In my opinion Jim is by far the best I have come across. He has an amazing ability to help you transform the way felt when you went in to how feel post class. For me this magical alchemy has kept me coming back for more. A perfect combination of mind /body yoga. What more can we ask for? Natasha

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Jim teaches us “absorption is our only destination”.

Jim’s passion for yoga is his life, and this is clearly felt by anyone who has any intuition. I trust him implicitly because I can feel his integrity, honesty, deep knowledge, and love shine through his instructions, which are always spacious and non-judgemental because they are never binary either/or’s, do’s or don’ts. This creates a thoroughly safe space in which I am free to explore and play, because I can trust and let go.


In this way, he empowers students to really tune into and trust in their own experience, rather than merely defer to instruction. Gently guiding us to be our own teacher/guide, which is the best, most generous kind of teaching because it is not about ego, or about “owning” something. It is about joyfully sharing that which points to freedom with those who are interested.

One of the most loveable qualities of Jim’s teaching is his humour, which lightens the mood and encourages a spacious and “easy” approach. This is perfectly balanced with the higher purpose of yoga, and the practical philosophy that underpins it. Jim is constantly integrating yoga philosophy into the class, sharing interesting sūtras, yoga histories, quotations, songs, anatomy, mantras, and his direct knowledge/experience, etc. His classes and workshops are certainly emotionally and physically integrating for me, which is why I have been coming to them for seventeen years now, and why I consider him one of the best teachers (regardless of the discipline) I have ever had. I feel very fortunate to have Jim and Vajrasati yoga in my life, which is why I can’t recommend him enough. He really is the real deal and an absolute bloody peach!

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Simply the best. And hilarious!

If Jim wasn't a yoga teacher he'd probably have been a stand up comedian, but he chose yoga and has become a true expert and master in the field. His knowledge and understanding and teaching skills are second to none but it is all delivered with a lightness that is a breath of fresh air!

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This is yoga

From the first class with Jim I experienced yoga in a way that just felt so 'right' for my mind, body and spirit. Each class unravels a new layer of understanding of yoga; the asanas, the philosophy, the history, anatomy and a way of being able to apply what I learn to life outside the studio.

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Awesome in every way!

I can't recommend Jim enough. It's hard to put into words what he brings to my yoga practice - how to articulate the infinite world that he helps me to access?
If you are looking for a way to delve deeper into your own world of yoga then I couldn't recommend a better guide and friend to do that with.
His apparently limitless knowledge of all things yoga is a source of inspiration, he's humble and often quite silly too. Perfect balance of serious and fun.
Go practice with him at the next opportunity you get. :-)

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Superior teacher

Jim is fantastic, and I count myself lucky to have worked with him for a week in Mexico. I'm not a "yoga person", but Jim is so welcoming that I felt at ease immediately. I was impressed by his deep knowledge of yoga theory/scholarship -- a rare find, and provided unique insight to my experience.

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My favourite teacher of all time!

I have been going to Jim's classes for 20 years now! He is an incredibly inspiring teacher, he influenced the course of my life in deciding to be a yoga teacher! (which I trained with Jim). His classes are deep, fun, absorbing and transformative. I can honestly say having studied with many teachers around the world that Jim is a world class yoga teacher with an incredible knowledge and passion for the subject of which he shares. You will not fail to be transformed by attending his classes. Honestly you really should go!

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Simply the Best xxx!!!

Jim has been teaching me for 17 years and he is the best teacher I've found. He has a very deep knowledge,which he continually updates, years of experience and a lovely personality. He taught me yoga and then, inspiring me with his love of yoga, he taught me to
teach. I return to his classes and workshops whenever I can.

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energy lift

Jim is very enthusiastic teacher with so many years of an experience. He has got all his heart in his teaching. He is supportive , loving and he always cheers me up. Yet you are studying a very deep and serious subject, but he will bring some humour and lightness to it. He has got a gift to bring some energy lift into his classes and one will feel lighter and uplifted,often his students are having smile on their face after the class.


He has got a deep passion for the subject of Yoga and he enthusiastically keeps studying and sharing this beautiful subject of Yoga with his students and trainees. I have completed two years of study with Jim and it was very deep and beautiful , light in spirit experience. Jim also has got a gift to see what you need to work on as a teacher and what might be blocking you from expressing your true self, and he is there to bring that out of you, (and he will)he will be there to support you on this journey during the teacher training and offer you support even after that. He has got his heart and soul in his teaching and that is very rare and beautiful to see.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

This is real yoga, within minutes of being in Jim's class I feel a dropping down into yoga. Sometimes the classes are softer and sometimes more dynamic but always done with good humour, encouragement to listen to your body and to be in the moment. Jim has a wealth of experience and learning. Love this teacher.