Jimena Lieb

Houston, TX
United States

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Jimena Lieb practices and teaches Iyengar yoga which emphasizes correct alignment of joints for maximum benefit and safety. In this class the use of props such as chairs, blocks, blankets, or straps may be incorporated to help students adjust or support themselves in the different postures and thereby achieve a range of motion that is effective and safe. Students will practice seated, twisting, standing, and inverted postures to reduce stress, create strength and flexibility, and correct structural imbalances caused by poor posture, sports training, and daily activities.
Class schedule: Mondays 6 pm Level 2 Houston Iyengar Yoga Studio
Sundays 4 pm Level1 Houston Iyengar Yoga Studio
Fridays 11:30 Level 1/2 Memorial Dr. Presbyterian Church
Available for workshops, conferences, and special events.
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