Jimmy Ortiz y Luna


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Medical Psychiatrist Arteterapeuta / MM .: 33 °, Yogi Urbano.
* Founder of "Yoga Libre" the first itinerant yoga studio in the country, helping others overcome addictions of all kinds in a holistic way.
* Spiritual Director and founder of the Itinerant Meditation Circle of the City of Guayaquil
His lineage of meditation has evolved over the years towards no particular tradition, although he leans towards science rather than the religious or cultural aspect.
The practice of self-study as a Yoga Geek since he began practicing several years ago has taught him that Yoga, its philosophy and techniques are applicable to any circumstance of life.
Global apprentice by expression, his style is uncomplicated, direct, clear, compassionate and humorous
Its mission and objectives have been to create, support and disseminate activities linked to the various facets of Yoga and Meditation, with total political and ideological independence, bring spiritual resources to help resolve critical situations and create a more personal balance.
It has inspired thousands of people to co-create reality, to discover the power of a spiritual mind in a practical way, how to live and manifest their dreams.
Their students of online meditation groups, workshops and teacher trainings speak very well of their experiences.
Currently, his work focuses as a volunteer trainer, in spiritual awakening through retreats, workshops and seminars.


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