Jiya Julia Randall


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My connection to yoga is one that extends meaning and depth through the experiences and observances of my life, and I am honoured to be able to share it with others. Both privately and professionally, I enjoy staying close to the roots of yoga, as a practice of connecting to the Source. I have worked with both Holistic Yoga School International, Colorado, USA and SchoolYoga Institute, California, USA for several years, facilitating RYT-200 Sadhana Yoga Teacher Trainings and RYT-500 Shamanic Yoga Teacher Trainings in 7 different countries through North & Central America and Europe. I am also blessed to hold retreats and workshops internationally and in my home country, England.

I specialize in alternative health, bringing in a range of practices including energy healing, herbalism, counselling, massage and shamanic ceremony. In addition, writing and painting are an intrinsic part of my practice, and I enjoy bringing the creative element into retreats and teacher trainings. For me the most profound wisdoms come from the Earth and her wild places, so much of my teaching and creative work comes through a deep appreciation of and connection with nature.

My intention as a teacher is to invite students to explore their own, unique unfolding, through profound awareness of and trust in the wisdom of the Self. When we share yoga on this level, we give ourselves tools to truly be in the world, experiencing deeply, and yet tapped in to an infinite source of healing, creative, intuitive energy. And for me, living like this is living authentically, in the present, appreciating the threads that bind everything together and responding from the Source. I am grateful to have been given the role of teacher, but I try to approach this role as simply another student, sharing what I have learned along my way, stepping into the role of guide to help others in their own exploration of the same challenges we all face.


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