JJ Gormley

Orange, VA
United States
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I have been a student of yoga since 1979, teaching since 1989, teaching teachers since 1994, and a Yoga Therapist since 1994. I have studied and continue to study many different traditions (from hatha yoga in 1979, to "Viniyoga" now (with Sivananda, Kundalini, Kripalu, Iyengar, Anusara and others in between.) I am the Director of Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School which offers teacher training programs and yoga therapy training programs in various locations in the I also offer online classes for those interested in furthering their knowledge of yoga in yoga therapy and yoga philosophy.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

10 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Beautifully Balanced in Truth and Compassion

JJ is a truly amazing teacher. She teaches straight from the heart with humility and insight. Having studied many styles, the yoga she teaches is balanced, varied, inclusive, and informed. She is, above all, a Teacher's Teacher. While gifted in personal ability, she is equally gifted in knowing HOW to teach others, who will, in turn, teach others. The grace she grants her students shines clearly through her Being.

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JJ Gormley-Etchells

JJ has incredible depth to her teaching. She is gentle, inclusive, and encouraging. The extent of her knowledge regarding yoga and how it interacts with all aspects of health, injury, and illness is incredible to me. There is a subtly to her teaching methods that brings things to a whole new level. I greatly appreciate her down-to-earth nature and approachability which is rare with teachers that have her level of experience and knowledge.

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JJ's a gem!

I've trained with JJ for the last 4 years and continue to train with her. She's an amazing teacher and so incredibly knowledgable about the 8 limbed path of yoga and a wide myriad of interconnected practices including Ayurveda, energy work and more! Her experience and approach make classes a true journey inward and it's a pleasure to practice with her.

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I have been a student with JJ for the past six months and have traveled for teacher training with her. Her knowledge of therapeutics is extensive. She woks diligently to be certain TTs are trained well and that clients needs are met. She gets an A+ from me.

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I have known JJ for 5 months. She was referred to me by other teachers as one of the best and They were right. I have studied, taught and been a student of Yoga for 18 years. I am very impressed with her style, knowledge and compassion. I feel very honored to have the chance to study with her.

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A great teacher.

JJ is a wonderful person and teacher of teachers and students. Her passion for Yoga rubs off and changes peoples life. I count her as one of the most influential person in my life quest to know myself and the world around us.

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Exemplary Yoga Teacher

JJ is one of my favorite yoga instructors of all time! My primary experience with JJ has been through yoga teacher training. I am currently in her 700 hr program and plan to continue my education with her. She is exceptionally experienced, a very thorough instructor and so generous with her care for each student. The education I have received working with JJ has prepared me very well to work with my clients therapeutically. Thank you JJ!

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Wonderful, experienced teacher

I have studied with JJ for many years, and find her knowledge of Yoga to be inspiring,her teaching instructive, and her energy healing.

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Informs, Heals, Transforms

JJ has a stellar educational and experiential background which you can read about elsewhere. The most important thing about her is that she combines a great deal of knowledge and experience with incredible kindness and humility. I am both a person with health challenges and a teacher training student of hers at the Surya Chandra Healing School of Yoga. And let me tell you, the SCHSY is not only healing to its clients, but also to its teachers. JJ attracts warm, intelligent, dedicated teachers to her trainings, which focus intently on the subject at hand, be it substance abuse, autoimmune disease and many other concentrations. Working with JJ, as well as her teacher/students, heals, informs and transforms.

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More than a teacher

I have known jj and have been taking classes, workshops and trainings with her for over 8 years. Her personal and educational growth is constantly unfolding, and in the process enriches the personal and educational growth of those around her.
She is more than a teacher, but a mentor who exudes patience and humility, and is willing to learn from her students as she guides them through the, at times, confusing world of the subtleties of yoga therapy.
Her skills as a yoga therapist are exceptional, deep in knowledge and compassion. Obviously, my experiences with jj have been positive and I highly recommend her as an instructor.