Jo-Ann Rose

Canberra ACT

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Jo-Ann, much to her embarrassment, saw AGY on Australia's Next Top Model and thought it looked like something she would enjoy. As Jo-Ann hadn't had done any exercise on a consistent basis since her children were born (nearly 20 years earlier!), it was with some trepidation that she contacted Kerryn to take a class. She had her first AGY session in October 2013 and was immediately hooked, coming out of the class on a physical and emotional high. Since then, she has taken as many classes as she can each week, as well as branching out into mat based yoga. She still experiences that high after each session. Jo-Ann's addiction to AGY led her to undertake teacher training in June 2014 so she can share her passion. As a true addict of the genre, she is an enthusiastic teacher, keen to ensure that all students enjoy the experience, as well as getting the physical and emotional benefits that inversions, yoga and a safe, caring environment can bring.


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